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The Classifieds: Scilla guilds rally for breast cancer awareness


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One of my favorite things about the WoW community is the various ways that we, as players, promote a certain level of social consciousness. Sure, you hear all these horrible stories about ninjas and terrible vulgarity. But for everyone of those, you hear about something incredible. This story is one of the incredible ones. Sure, it's an online video game rally, but that's the fundamental point: create awareness where previously there was none.

Fayvren and Mahjarette from Scilla (US-A) decided to promote breast cancer awareness month by changing their guild tabards to pink. Other guilds on Scilla were inspired by their example and followed suit. Encouraged by this reception, Fayvren and Mahjarette farmed massive amounts of pink material to create the necessary costumes for the rally you see above and after the jump. They definitely want to thank the guilds <Resurrected Phenomenon>, <Party People>, <EVO>, <The Panic Attacks> and <Official>.

Random Acts of Uberness

I'm writing to send a loud thanks from Leonetti of Argent Dawn (US-A) to Uglytwo of Durotan (US-A). It was a quick and painless Coren daily, when one of the stamina mugs dropped. He and I both rolled need. He won. Before I was able to leave, he handed it over to my undergeared level 78 self with a simple, "Good luck." A completely unnecessary gesture, but a muchly appreciated one. -- Leonetti

Employment: Recruiting

Aggresive PvP <Hostile> of Arygos (US-A) is looking for new recruits. Hostile is a new Cataclysm rated battlegrounds guild. We are seeking new people to get us started on the road to competing for that Grand Marshal title in Cataclysm. We are accepting players new and experienced in the PvP aspect of the game. We will also raid on off nights, so we have full immersion for Cataclysm. Come check us out!

18 or older <Retreat> of Earthen Ring (US-H) is an 18+ raiding guild focused on rounding out our 10-man team for Cataclysm. We're currently recruiting melee, and we're more concerned about attitude than gear. Check out our website for more information.

Casually Adult <Preclude to Ruin> of Darkspear (US-H) is a small, newly formed guild looking for adult members of all classes and levels who are down to earth, have a sense of humor and are team players. We plan to set up raid and battleground groups with various schedules to allow more members to participate. Contact Doomtrooper or any member in game for an invite or visit for more info.

Explicit <Explicitly Progressive> of Mug'thol is recruiting healers and melee DPS for ICC-10 progression. We raid at 8 p.m. server time on Sundays and Mondays, and are currently 11/12. Our aims is to get the 10-man ICC drakes, and we hope you'll join us! PST Lekal for more info.

Few hours, high rewards <Supercool Discotheque> of Burning Step (EU-H) is a casual 10-man guild that raids fewer hours than most and yet aims to experience as much content as possible by focusing during these raids. We're looking for one strong, cooperative, chatty healer and a couple of experienced DPS to help us solidify our already established raid team for Cataclysm. We're not looking for a bencher to fill a spot every now and again -- we want you to gel with our members, install yourself as a crucial member of our raid team and become fully ensconced in our guild. You can reach us in game or at our website.

Heroic Completion <Reawaken> (US-H) of Staghelm is looking to round out our raiding roster and complete Heroic 25-man ICC. We are currently 11/12 heroic 25 and 12/12 heroic 10-man. Any exceptional players are welcome to apply as well as joint apps for couples.

Horde Pride <The ReaperZ> of Terrokar (US-H) are a proud Horde guild looking for a few good men and women to fill out our core ICC team. We believe that raiding is all about learning how to work together as a team -- to figure out what went wrong, make some adjustments to our strategy and then keep trying until we get it right. We are especially in need of tanks and healers and would love to be able to form two 10-man teams and work on a 25-man. You can find out all about us (including all the crazy stuff we love to do) and apply online at or by whispering Taree in game.

Late Night <Honor Guard> or Rexxar (US-H) is looking for members, with an emphasis on members who can be active late night. We raid from 11 p.m. until 1 a.m. server time, and are currently finishing up LK content and preparing leveling the guild as well as ourselves once Cataclysm hits. If you are interested in joining, contact any of our officers in game or drop a post at our website

Sound Progress <Dragons Call> of Bloodhoof (US-A) is a tightly knit group of friends both in game and out who enjoy raiding and other PvE circuits. Our focus is on 10-man content, occasionally attempting a 25-man with a few friendly guilds. We are in dire need of a few excellent tanks to finish out Icecrown Citadel. We have been working on Sindragosa and have made sound progress, but real life has claimed our tanks. Interested parties may apply on our website, Come help us become Kingslayers!

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