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The Daily Grind: What's the most useless MMO skill?


For me, it began with World of Warcraft's Sentry Totem. This spell was almost stunning in how useless it was in action, and before long, it became fashionable to make jokes about the "awesome, devastating" power that this totem could unleash -- if only someone figured out its purpose.

Useless skills, spells and abilities pepper our MMOs like those crusty black French fries that lurk at the bottom of the container. They are either too impractical, too unwieldy or too stupid to use under even the most situational of circumstances. You don't have a clue why someone greenlit them. They clutter up our hotbars as they mock our intelligence: "Of course I have a use -- you're just too stupid to figure out what it is!"

So what's the most useless skill you've ever seen in an MMO? Or if you can't limit yourself to just one, I give you permission today to make a whole list in the comments section. Which skills are a joke and nothing but?

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