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Pokemon Black and White get limited edition DSis in Japan

If you've got a bizarre hang-up about playing video games on consoles that don't have Pokémon branded upon their hulls, you'll be pleased to learn that you'll soon be able to add the DSi to your list of allowed devices. On November 20, Japanese store shelves will be stocked with limited edition Pokémon Black and White DSis, each of which come with a copy of the appropriately hued monster-catching title.

Each handheld prominently features Black and White's main Legendaries, Reshiram and Zekrom -- a premium for which shoppers will have to pay 19,800 yen (a tad more than the DSi's standard 15,000 yen price point). Is it worth the extra cash? We're not sure, but as far as special edition Pokémon-branded handhelds go, this one's kind of ... classy? Yeah, classy.

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