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Bon Jovi Greatest Hits album to be released as Rock Band 3 DLC


Bon Jovi's new "Greatest Hits" album will be released November 9. If you'd rather play along with your own feather-haired avatar than merely listen to "It's My Life" on repeat, you'll be able to do so through Rock Band, as the album will be released as DLC soon after the Rock Band 3 launch.

"Bon Jovi for us is one of our most requested artists," MTV's Paul DeGooyer told MCV. "We've had a couple of songs on disc" -- as we can attest, with "Livin' On a Prayer" an unusually frequent song in our random selections -- "but we've never done a vertical campaign like this with them."

Harmonix confirmed the Bon Jovi DLC in a forum post, with one caveat: "Don't expect a huge multi disc album release though, as the Surgeon General has determined that anything more than 12 tracks of Bon Jovi in a single pack could contain potentially dangerous levels of swoon when downloaded by women, and result in deadly amounts of 'good hair envy' in men." So it won't be the full two-disc "Ultimate Collection" version of the album.

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