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Buy multiple versions of Sonic 4, get a Sega shout-out


Sonic the Hedgehog 4, you may be aware, will be available on several different platforms. All told, the blue blur will appear on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, in addition to the iPhone, on which it is now available. Should you be die-hard enough to purchase more than one version of the game, Sega has something special in store. Specifically, the company is asking fans to submit picture proof of multiple Sonic 4 ownership, and will reward users accordingly.

Those who pick up two or more versions will have their names featured on a sticky thread on the Sega and Sonic 4 forums. The list will also be posted on Sega's blog and the Sonic 4 website. Those who snag three versions will receive "a special call-out on the SEGA Blogs and the Sonic 4 website's news feed, and special placement in one very cool spot, to be revealed!" Finally, anyone that purchases all four versions will be featured in a special video shout-out from Sega community manager Aaron Webber and Ken Balough, brand manager for Sonic 4. The video will be posted on Sega's YouTube page and "all across SEGA's realms here on the internets."

It's certainly an ... interesting reward for what amounts to $55 worth of loyalty. Then again, internet fame is always an enticing proposition. Especially considering how hard it is to get your name on YouTube.

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