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How would you change HP's Envy 14?

Darren Murph

The gaming laptop of 2010? Maybe so, but it's unquestionably one of the most hyped and most highly anticipated. HP's 14-inch Envy hits a sweet spot in the size department, and during our time with it, it also managed to hit a slew of other high notes. Of course, it wasn't without its flaws, but that's not what this section is about. We're anxious to hear how you folks feel about your newly (or not-so-newly) acquired Envy 14. Any qualms with the trackpad? Loathing the lack of a VGA output? Still uninstalling bloatware? Frustrated by the lack of a Radiance display option at the present time? Go on and tell us what you really think in comments below, particularly how you'd change things if you and Rahul Sood (or similar) switched shoes for a day.

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