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Motorola Bravo, Flipout and Flipside hands-on: hastily handled and summarily shot (video)


Looking for a new Android form factor on AT&T and don't mind a bit of BLUR? Motorola's got you covered, with the mid-range Bravo, low-end Flipside and budget Flipout you see immediately above. We spotted the trio of Android 2.1 devices at CTIA 2010 and had to give them a try, and though none really impressed they've got some interesting designs. You won't hear us clapping for the $129 Bravo, as it's basically a pared-down Defy -- the same 3.7-inch WVGA slatephone, but with a fixed-focus three megapixel camera and without the ruggedized outsides.

Meanwhile, surfers, skaters and virtual keyboard haters could possibly enjoy the $80 Flipout and $100 Flipside. The former's got the same sort of irresistible, pocketable style that made Nintendo's Game Boy Advance SP an instant hit half a decade back, arguably even more so than its inspiration, though as you'd imagine the 2.8-inch QVGA screen and other Charm features leave much to be desired. It's a painfully slow, low-res experience for those used to serious smartphones. Though the Flipside throws in a decent landscape keyboard and an HVGA screen, they don't help much when it's got the exact same silicon and yet another iffy three megapixel shooter inside. Still, the wonderful thing about the internet is that you can look before you buy, so feast your eyes in galleries below and videos after the break!

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Sean Hollister contributed to this report.

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