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Pocket Legends update brings new content, increased level cap

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Pocket Legends, the popular mobile device MMO, has been growing in popularity for the past few months, and Spacetime is working to keep up with that increased popularity.

The company has released a new update for Pocket Legends, one that brings new content, an increased level cap, and an impressive list of improvements. Players can work toward the new level cap of 50 by checking out the five new PvE maps, two new PvP maps, and new bosses in Alien Oasis 3: Trials of the Galactic Overlord.

Alien Oasis 3 will be available to players for 20 platinum, and you can see all the current patch notes on the Pocket Legends forum. Finally, follow along after the jump for a preview trailer of the new content!

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