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ESRB rates Namco's 'Aero-Cross' for 360 and PS3


The ESRB rating for Namco Bandai's Aero-Cross (first seen in Australian and German ratings) includes a content description that confirms our suspicions about it being a follow-up to the surreal, arcade foot-racing game Metro-Cross. It's a futuristic racing game about a running man, just like Metro-Cross was, and places obstacles in front of that runner like "mines, hurdles, and rolling barrels."

New to this game: robots that administer a shock to the racer, "resulting in a shocking effect that causes the racer's body to twitch." That's progress! Aero-Cross was rated for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, likely as a downloadable game.

[Image: The Arcade Flyer Archive]

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