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DirecTV's Nomad might satisfy our thirst for content on the go

Ben Drawbaugh

We're always looking for ways to get one step closer to the content dream we just have to believe we are destined for -- anything, anywhere, anytime -- and a recent DirecTV survey about mobile viewing habits might be one of those things. To add to the clues, DirecTV recently trademarked the name mentioned in the survey, DirecTV Nomad, and has even gotten it UL certified with the model number MDR1R0-01. If you believe everything in the survey, you'll believe that Nomad will let you consume DirecTV on your portable device while you travel from place to place. What isn't clear is if this a streaming device like a Slingbox, or if you can copy the content onto your device and consume it on planes and trains, but with rumors just now surfacing, more than likely it'll be months before we know for sure.

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