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Game Informer goes inside Batman's Arkham City


Game Informer's September cover story about Batman: Arkham City has now been posted online in its entirety, and it's full of details that you may not have heard about Rocksteady's superhero sequel. After detailing the story and setting up a daring rescue of Catwoman, the feature mentions some new mechanics being introduced, like the ability to perform takedowns more quickly by pressing a button at just the right time.

Other new ways Batman can deal with enemies include taunts, projectile counters, and even multiple counters at once. He also has a "beat down" attack that will dispatch even armored enemies in a barrage of punches. His non-punch-related detective skills are augmented by gadgets like the "Broadcast Analyzer," which lets him listen in to police and other radio broadcasts and trace their sources.

We encourage you to check out the full, exhaustive article -- as if you have anything else to do while waiting for Fall 2011 to arrive.

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