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The Daily Grind: Are you a devotee of the endgame?

Eliot Lefebvre

"The game begins at the level cap." That's the mantra of many an endgame player, with the ironclad belief that all of the leveling and learning and gearing you did along the way to the highest level was nothing but a warm-up. Whether the cap is at 99 or even just 9, or if indeed there's even a hard cap of levels, what ultimately matters is that you've reached the state of power from which you will only grow laterally, not vertically. And from every corner of MMOs comes the less-catchy but equally frequent mantra of the non-endgame player: "Screw that."

For every player who sees the leveling game as a race to the end, there is one who believes that the important thing is enjoying the journey. Maybe you dislike the endgame because you don't like the content available, or maybe you like it because that's the one part of the game where content isn't outgrown in a short matter of time. Whatever your reasons, do you consider the endgame the "real" game or just a fragment of the overall game?
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