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WoW Moviewatch: Family Tauren


Work Warning: This is a parody of Family Guy. While it's hardly the funkiest stuff out there, the audio could still be a little rough for work. The video has some potty humor and a tiny bit of cursing.

Bullworth has created another TV parody with this creation called Family Tauren. This is a parody of Family Guy, obviously; I can say so because I'm pretty good at detecting these things. The video's about six or seven minutes long, and you probably want to give it your full attention while it playes.

Bullworth did a pretty good job of following the comedy style of Family Guy while still maintaining his generally good-natured humor. The video has a lot of shout-outs to Family Guy, pop culture and WoW community. It definitely helps if you're steeped in the culture to get all the humor, but I think there's enough variety here for everyone to have fun. The general plot of the story is Martin Fury, so check this story out if you're not familiar with the scandal.

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