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DJ Hero 2 made in seven months following enormous vacation


Jamie Jackson, creative director at DJ Hero 2 developer Freestyle Games, told PlayStation UK in an interview recently that the latest title was made in just seven months. The game reportedly kicked off development immediately after a "mass exodus" at the studio, clarified to Joystiq as a "big holiday" for the team. According to Jackson, "15-hour days for quite a long time" resulted in the vast majority of the studio vacationing in places like Ibiza to get the creative juices flowing once more. When everyone was back, the team had to hop right back in the saddle for the sequel.

"We had to get straight back on it ... so DJ Hero 2 has been made in around seven months," Jackson explained. And though the team only had a handful of months to get the sequel together, it wasn't interested in putting out "the same game again with different music" -- Jackson got specific, shouting out the new Battle Mixes and Freestyling features as improvements made despite a dramatically shortened development cycle. And now, with the game nearly complete, we have to imagine that various Mediterranean islands are bracing for impact.

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