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EQII's GU58 fixes spells, adds content

Jef Reahard

It's patch day in EverQuest II, and you know what that means: ch-ch-changes (hopefully for the better). Game Update 58 is upon us -- and the servers are back up -- giving you ample opportunity to check out the laundry list of tweaks to the live client. Speaking of said laundry list, SOE's Amnerys has posted the full update notes on the official forums, and they're chock full of interesting tidbits including a spell effects revamp, a dedicated mount inventory window and appearance slots, housing tweaks, and various class, PvP, and UI updates.

GU58 also marks the unveiling of a new max-level dungeon to the world of Norrath. High shaman Zraxth has unleashed powerful planar forces, and level 90 players can now travel to the Ruins of Guk to partake of the single-group zone known as Zraxth's Unseen Arcanum.

Check out all the GU58 goodies on the official EQII forums.

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