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Get Lord of the Rings Online quest packs super-cheap for one day only

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you one of the many people enjoying the new free-to-play model for Lord of the Rings Online? Have you got a couple quest packs to pick up, or have you just been waiting for a sale or a specific need to purchase anything from the game's store? You're in luck then, because for October 13th Turbine is letting the Lone-Lands, North Downs, and Evendim be sold for a song -- specifically, they're being pegged at 75% off.

Not only does this mean that all three packs can be picked up for a grand total of $6.50 based off the most recent pricing (and there's a bonus point sale going on this week, to boot), but it also means each of the packs contains enough "free" Turbine Points to make back the cost of each. That means that for less than seven dollars, you can walk away with all three quest packs, and after clearing them you'll be back up to where you started in money. Lord of the Rings Online players are encouraged to take a look, but the sale only lasts until midnight of the 13th.

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