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Gran Turismo 5's Course Maker demonstrated in video


Drive on past the link below to check out new video of Gran Turismo 5's "Course Maker" mode, found on Gamestop's official listing for the upcoming title. Rather than have you creating and assembling every piece of a created course, the Course Maker instead uses a number of various settings for input (like how many sections a track should have, its longest straight and a target time), and then assembles those factors into a custom-made course for you.

Once a course is made, you can then do a test drive around it, or even name and save it for play later on. You'll note that this version of the Course Maker looks different from this older screenshot, with the notable difference that players might not be able to create point-to-point races. But don't panic just yet, GT fans -- this is just a few seconds of gameplay, not necessarily indicative of the features of the finished game.

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