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Guitar Hero celebrates Rocktober with free track pack and Rocky Horror


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock may be composed of "ancient gameplay mechanics shrouded in a campy heavy metal veneer," but for those who picked it up on Xbox, it's about to be that, with three free songs. Which is objectively better. A three-track pack is available today for Gold members, featuring Disturbed's "The Infection," Muse's "Resistance," and My Chemical Romance's "Na Na Na." It's free now, and will be available for purchase by Silver Live users on October 19.

On October 26, Activision will release a seasonally appropriate DLC pack: three songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Soundgarden doesn't really have anything to do with Halloween, but selected individual tracks from the "Telephantasm" album will also be available for purchase that day -- though Activision didn't mention which tracks. See the list of known DLC after the break.


Xbox 360

October 12 - Rocktober Track Pack (Free until 10/19 for Gold members, 440 Microsoft Points afterward)
  • Disturbed - "The Infection" (160 Microsoft Points)
  • Muse - "Resistance" (160 Microsoft Points)
  • My Chemical Romance "Na Na Na" (160 Microsoft Points)
Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii

October 26 - Rocky Horror Picture Show Track Pack (440 Microsoft Points / $5.49 / 550 Wii Points)
  • "Time Warp" (160 Microsoft Points / $1.99 / 200 Wii Points)
  • "Sweet Transvestite" (160 Microsoft Points / $1.99 / 200 Wii Points)
  • "Hot Patootie" (160 Microsoft Points / $1.99 / 200 Wii Points)
October 26 - Soundgarden "Telephantasm" singles (160 Microsoft Points / $1.99 / 200 Wii Points each)

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