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Judge strips Langdell of trademarks, doesn't award EA damages


Tim Langdell and EA have been bumping heads for a while now. As suggested last week, Judge William Alsup has approved a move to cancel Langdell's collection of "Edge" trademarks after he lost a legal battle with EA, concerning "Mirror's Edge." All parties must furnish their own court costs and EA will receive no damages, reports.

There's also a special stipulation: Langdell must inform "all persons and entities with whom a licensing agreement has been obtained involving the trademarks asserted herein that the marks have been cancelled and provide these persons and entities with a copy of the order denying plaintiff's motion for a preliminary injunction and the final judgment." In layman's terms, it means that Langdell must contact these firms and individuals and inform them he no longer holds any of these "Edge" trademarks. By Friday, Langdell or his representatives must provide a sworn statement to this effect.

As for EA, it looks like the company is ready to move on from the affair. In a statement, an EA representative stated, "We're pleased that we've reached a settlement and can put this behind us."

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