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Pinball FX 2 delayed, still part of XBLA's Game Feast

You know how during certain, extremely fancy multi-course meals, guests will be given a brief intermission between the lobster bisque and the incredibly difficult platformer? Developer ZEN Studios announced earlier today that a similar palette cleanser will be offered this week during the XBLA Game Feast, as the release of its free, flipper-tapping title Pinball FX 2 has been delayed from October 13 to October 27.

That means that Pinball FX 2, not Super Meat Boy, is the final game for the promotion -- which makes us wonder if they'd consider changing its name to something relating to its new headliner. Something like Multiball Month or Bumper ... Time. Bumper Time, sure!

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Los Angeles, CA – October 12, 2010 – ZEN Studios, the definitive leader in arcade-style pinball videogames, announced today that "Pinball FX 2" will now release on October 27, 2010 on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, as part of "Game Feast" presented by Microsoft Game Studios.

"Pinball FX2 is really making the most of what the Xbox LIVE marketplace offers in terms of trying and buying game content." said Mark Coates, Lead Producer at Microsoft Games Studios. "With so many new and innovative features like full backwards compatibility with "Pinball FX", free trials of every table and exciting in-game community notifications, we decided to take a little extra time to ensure the launch of "Pinball FX 2" is absolutely perfect. We are incredibly excited to release on October 27 with an amazing pinball platform."

"Pinball FX 2" is a free download for any Xbox LIVE Arcade user, and features a robust trial system allowing the player to sample each table in the game. Featuring the most advanced ball physics and social features to date, full backwards compatibility for original "Pinball FX"owners, along with a new collection of beautifully designed tables and more DLC releases to follow, the "Pinball FX 2" platform is the best videogame pinball experience available.

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