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Report: LoveFilm coming to UK PS3 next month


In the United States (and also Canada) we have a wondrous thing called Netflix. In the UK and other European territories, there's a similar miracle called LoveFilm, and thanks to a supposedly official video announcement -- which has been pulled from the Sony YouTube channel on which it emerged -- an app for the video rental service is coming to PS3.

The video was spotted by Everything PlayStation and promised access to the LoveFilm rental and streaming service would be available on the PS3 as of next month. Accessible via the XMB, the app will apparently allow subscribers to manage their movie queues right from the console and stream available content -- or have anything else mailed on disc.

Jump past the break for a short blurb from the now-pulled video's description.

Via Everything PlayStation:

"From Autumn, film fans on LoveFilm subscription packages can start streaming thousands of titles through their TV to their PS3. Open up a world of interactivity and scroll through popular titles and search through categories including 'Pick of the Week', 'Most watched' and 'Highest Rated'. Free trials and incentives will be made available to those who are not already a LoveFilm subscriber so no-one misses out! With thousand of popular titles available on LoveFilm, there will never be a shortage of great films to watch."

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