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The gods have their day: Legend of Edda hits open beta on October 14th


Are you lacking weekend plans? It's OK -- Massively has you covered. It turns out that Legends of Edda is sprinting into open beta this Thursday, October 14th, and everyone who wants to give this mythological MMO a spin can do so!

Legends of Edda is a free-to-play MMO loosely based on Greek mythology -- you know, where all of the gods of the pantheon are like soap opera characters who have access to divine dynamite. Players choose to follow Olympus or Titan upon character creation and then follow a unique storyline that will see the two factions butt heads in RvR in a quest for supremacy. The game also includes an interesting mix-and-match class system that should provide a lot of compelling options for personal playstyles.

The open beta includes a lot of recent additions to the game, including a new level cap of 40, high-level dungeons, and an equipment upgrading system. If you're interested in participating, you can sign up for the open beta at the Legends of Edda website, and then log in any time after 10:00 a.m. EDT on October 14th.

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