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Breakfast Topic: It's a small, small world


This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Attaining membership into the club that is the World of Warcraft isn't so hard. Actually, it doesn't take much more than a nominal subcription fee, a decent internet connection and a copy of vanilla to get you a membership card. However, once you are in, you will soon find that the club is much bigger (and much less exclusive!) than you had ever expected it.

The first time I ever got to officially flash my membership card came out of left field. While leaving for work one Saturday morning, I chose to put on my faithful Horde T-shirt. As I arrived at the front door of the building, the security guard said, "Horde or Alliance?"

"Well, these days, pretty much both," I replied.

Each day since then, he smiles and asks me how beta is coming along or how the raid went the previous evening. When arriving at work each day, I look forward to discussing the previous night's events in beta with him while preparing my morning coffee. Sure, my coworkers may think that HR should be contacted when overhearing us talk about our new mounts, but having someone to discuss Warcraft in detail with makes it worth the chance.

Events like this have fostered a continued interest in the game I love. My fiancée may hate the Horde shirt, but as long as the security guard gets a kick out of it, it will remain in the weekly wardrobe rotation. Has the World of Warcraft fostered any unexpected real-life friendships for you?

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