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Dead Space 2 collector's edition with replica plasma cutter leaked [update: it's official!]


According to a (since removed) image found on Amazon and now posted on Examiner, the collector's edition of Dead Space 2 will include a life-size toy Plasma Cutter, in addition to a soundtrack CD, a DLC voucher, and a piece of artwork. EA announced its intention to produce a collector's edition for the sequel way back in January, when it sought ideas for pack-in items from fans. The plasma cutter happened to be on the list even then -- and we called it "outrageous."

Being a sort-of leaked item, EA hasn't officially announced its existence, and thus no information about its price is known.

Update: EA has announced the Collector's Edition -- for the UK, at least. The plasma cutter is only packed with the Xbox 360 and PC versions, while the PS3 version includes Dead Space Extraction.

Update 2: EA announced it for North America as well -- with no mention of platform exclusivity for the plasma cutter.

[Thanks, DarkKainDrg]

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