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Digital Foundry examines Medal of Honor: Frontline HD


"Examines" is perhaps not specific enough a word in this context -- Digital Foundry fully dissects the "updated" Medal of Honor: Frontline that's included in a limited run of the PS3 version of Medal of Honor ... and then rips it apart. Aside from noting the "low-poly and low-fi textures", DF also claims the game's visuals have "an absolute mammoth level of screen-tear," and its frame rate "varies dramatically."

When compared with the God of War Collection's HD remastering and the forthcoming Sly Cooper remix, MoH: Frontline is said to do little more than serve as "a reminder of how far the genre has progressed over the last eight years." But then, being free, it's hard to argue that the inclusion of Frontline is a ripoff -- it's just not all that "updated," is all.

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