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FrisMe: the ludicrously expensive, totally customizable 3D printed Frisbee

Darren Murph

We're guessing that the fine folks over at i.materialise are shying away from the trademarked Frisbee term, but there's no question about what this is -- it's a Frisbee, but one that's completely customizable. Better still, it's crafted from a 3D printer. Better still, you can do just about anything with this thing if you've got the disposable income to justify it. A standard FrisMe would be $215, and a customized version with your initials and choice of texture would add a $15 surcharge. Looking for silver, gold or chrome plating, or a custom hand painting? How's about a Scan FrisMe that's designed according to a 3D scan on your own paw? Around $1,300, and that's not including your travel to Leuven, Belgium. Head on past the break to see one in action, and feel free to consider the cost of an actual 3D printer before scoffing too hard at the asking prices.

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