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It's the iPod touch's time to shine


The iPod touch is like that really hot cheerleader you already wanted to talk with, but were a little too afraid to approach. It shines on its own by simply existing. It's the iPhone without the phone, a competent gaming platform, has the capacity its iPhone sibling dreams of, and it's extremely popular.

But, now the iPod touch has come into its own. During September's media event, Steve Jobs revealed that the touch is Apple's top-selling iPod. But, as Fortune magazine points out, the company has never shared the number of iPod touch units sold with investors.

Will this change with Monday's quarterly earnings? It's hard to say, but Fortune polled a number of analysts who gave it their best guesstimate of the number of iPods units (classic, shuffle and nano included) sold. The numbers range from a little over 8 million to slightly above 11 million for the third quarter of 2010. Other bloggers estimate that roughly 38 percent of iPods sold are iPod touches. The iPod touch hasn't ever had the glitz or glamor of its older iPhone and iPad brothers, but it's a solid player in Apple's lineup for sure.

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