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Status update on current patch 4.0.1 issues

Gregg Reece

Vrakthris (Blizzard customer service representative) posted a list of major issues people are coming across in patch 4.0.1, along with updates and expected timetables on when some of them will be resolved. If you're having issues with any of the following topics, read on to find out what is currently being done about the situation.

Master Riding

There has been some confusion regarding the purchase of this skill that we'd like to clear up.

If you had a 310% flying mount learned before 4.0.1 went in you should have automatically been granted this skill. Otherwise, if you wish to fly at 310% speed you'll need to learn Master Riding on top of Artisan Riding.

You have not lost your original flight training, both Artisan and Master Riding cost 5000 gold.

All mounts that previously allowed you to fly at 310% have been converted to standard flying mounts, it is your skill that determines your flight speed.

Note: There is currently not an associated achievement with the Master Riding skill.

Missing Enchantments
Though we do not currently have any updates regarding this matter we are aware of the reported missing enchantments.

We will provide what updates we can when they become available.

Insect Swarm
There is currently an issue with some Druids where your spellbook directs you to visit a trainer to learn the spell. Unfortunately once you get there the trainer indicates that you already know it.

No update is available at this time.

Guild Issues with Authenticator
This feature seems to be a little confusing so we wanted to sure everyone was fully aware of the implementation.

In order to enable the Authenticator option for a particular rank, that rank must be empty.

Additionally, in order to promote or invite a member to a rank that requires an Authenticator that member must had the Authenticator attached to their account for 72 hours.

Due to the new implementation of this feature that timer starts today. You should be able to promote to an Authenticator enabled rank by Friday at the earliest. We apologize for what confusion this may have caused.

Warlock Pets Renamed
We are aware that most Warlock pets received rename after implementation of the patch. We are currently inquiring and seeking further clarification as to if this is an intended change or a not.

We will provide what information we can as soon as it becomes available.

Missing Characters
We are aware of an issue where some characters are not showing up on the Character Selection screen.

First and foremost know that these characters are not gone, they are simply not being displayed for you. This matter should be addressed with the off-peak restarts scheduled for this morning.

Item Durability Standardization
There has been some confusion over a change implemented with 4.0.1. In this patch, items that were not previously at 100/100 durability were all set to that maximum. In many cases this meant that if the item previously had, for example, a 60/60 durability it would now be at 60/100.

You did not actually lose durability in these cases, you gained it. In order to reach the new limit of 100/100 you will need to repair your gear but you should not have otherwise lost durability.

The Game Master department will be unable to provide repair cost or other compensation for this change.

Removed from BG
We have received reports in which players are being automatically removed from battlegrounds resulting in a deserter buff.

We are currently looking into this issue and will provide additional information as it becomes available to us.

This is it! Patch 4.0.1 begins the slide into December's upcoming expansion. It's a whole new game from here on out. Get oriented with our roundup of everything there is to know about patch 4.0.1 and how it changes the game until the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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