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TiVo launches online Season Pass Manager

Nilay Patel

All together now: finally. TiVo's just announced a new online Season Pass Manager, allowing users to manage their season passes from the comfort of a browser -- you can add, edit, and delete passes, as well as transfer them between TiVo boxes on your account. (That ought to make upgrading to a new TiVo a million times easier, which has been one of our longstanding complaints.) The best part? Editing the priority list online means you don't have to sit and wait while your TiVo figures it all out -- you can move things around at will in the browser and it'll all get sorted out before the changes get sent to your box. Nice. Of course, TiVo is still way behind FiOS and Comcast when it comes to remote and mobile DVR management, but it's nice to see the company address one of the biggest pain points with the device. Now just hit us with a serious Premiere performance update, alright? PR after the break.

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TiVo Launches Online Season Pass Manager Giving Customers Superior Control Over Their Recordings

Enhances TiVo's Already Robust Online Offerings so Users Never Miss an Episode of their Favorite Programs

ALVISO, Calif. – October XX, 2010 - TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), a leader in advanced television services, including digital video recorders (DVRs), today announced the launch of a Season Pass® manager on This tool, requested from customers directly, enhances TiVo's already robust Web features, allowing TiVo customers to easily manage and transfer their Season Pass recordings online. This new feature joins TiVo's online scheduling functionality on for browsers and for mobile devices, both of which allow customers to schedule recordings from anywhere they have access to the Internet.
For years, TiVo has allowed customers to remotely schedule recordings and set up Season Passes from With this updated tool TiVo subscribers can now also reprioritize or delete Season Passes on, so that they have more control over their TV than ever. Customers can also transfer a Season Pass recording from one broadband-connected TiVo box to another box on their TiVo account making the addition of new TiVo DVRs or the transition from one TiVo DVR to another even easier.

"This is just another example of TiVo leading the way for in-home entertainment innovation and listening to customer feedback. The Season Pass manager is something that our subscribers have asked for and we are pleased to make it available to them today, saving customers time and giving the unique ability to ensure they do not miss a single episode of their favorite shows when they upgrade to a new box. No other company makes this level of control so easily," said Jim Denney vice president and general manager of product marketing for TiVo. "TiVo has always been the easiest DVR to use and the Season Pass manager gives consumers even more control over how they choose to manage their recordings and settings."
To manage Season Pass recordings online the TiVo box must be broadband connected and connected to the TiVo service. The Season Pass manager is available to all broadband-connected boxes including TiVo Premiere, Series3™, HD and Series2™ DVRs. To learn more about the Season Pass manager visit

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