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Windows Phone 7 will sync 'select content' with Macs


Honestly, I haven't been super impressed with anything I've seen coming out of all of the Windows Phone 7 hoopla this week. Sure, the phones look pretty and all, and yes, it's a huge upgrade for Windows Mobile users, but it still seems to me like Microsoft is just trying to match the iPhone rather than actually overcome it. I don't see anything in the offerings that would make me abandon my much-loved iPhone 4. That said, Mac users who have to use Windows Phone 7 (perhaps because it's what you get from work) will enjoy hearing that the system will indeed sync up with Mac computers, a first for Microsoft gadgets. Zune fans can rejoice, too -- the new client will let the Zune sync as well.

Of course, Mac users in Windows Phone 7-land will still be second class citizens, as the client will be a beta release later on this year, and reportedly will only offer syncing for "select content." No idea what that means -- we'll have to wait and find out later this year.

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