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DIYer puts some rumble into a NES controller


The problem with old technology is that it's ... well, it's usually pretty old, by definition. We get spoiled by the new stuff -- things like wirelessness, ergonomitude and tactical feedbackery. Well, in the case of the latter, it would seem we now have someone to look up to: Andy Goetz.

He's gone ahead and added rumble functionality to the classic NES controller, which you can see above. Sure, it's not the most efficient mod -- caveat: Goetz can't really control when the controller provides feedback, so it's not a perfect union -- but we applaud his entry in the Oregon State University Engineering Expo nonetheless. We've been trying to fix the past for years -- who knew trying to build a time machine and finding somebody named Kyle Reese who's willing to use it was the wrong way to go?

[Thanks, @kreese]

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