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Next Apple gift to the Chilean miners should be...


As the world watched rapt and astonished, the emergence of the 33 Chilean mine workers from their subterranean refuge made for dramatic stories and oddly compelling TV.

Along with the wraparound sunglasses (for eye protection) and other gifts that the miners and their families received, each man is getting a new iPod courtesy of Apple. While the French newspaper Le Figaro describes the media players as "personal gifts" from El Steve, likely as not, they were procured and delivered by Apple's Chile offices without direct executive involvement.

The iPod gifts are a thoughtful gesture, and we're sure the miners will enjoy them -- but what else could Apple have included in the gift basket? iPads, to share movies and photos on the job? A MacBook, to document the experience and field movie-of-the-week offers? Licenses for Final Cut Studio, in case the miners want to take creative control of said MOW? Give us your suggestions below.

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