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Shoot Many Robots proves there's truth in advertising

Justin McElroy

We were a little concerned about the first original release from Boston-based Demiurge Studios, despite its nearly 10 years of supporting work on major titles like Mass Effect and Borderlands. Sure, the trailer (just after the break) looks cool, but doesn't Shoot Many Robots sound upsettingly like a product from Idiocracy's dumbtopian future, advertised during a commercial break from "Ow, My Balls!"?

But the more we thought on it, the more we realized that there's a certain value to plainly stating what it is you do well, without all the highfalutin language. So, you're releasing an arcadey downloable game on 360 and PS3 about shooting a lot of robots? Why not just say so, Poindexter? Auto and restaurant industries, you're on notice: If we can't buy the "Vroom Get There Fast" and "Good Taste Tummy Full" by the time Shoot Many Robots drops in 2011, you're officially behind the curve.

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