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Cannon Cadets now includes level builder, scoring, and a TUAW level


Back in August, XMG Studio released a fun game called Cannon Cadets (US$0.99), and it quickly became popular with those of us who love games where we shoot or fling things at targets. I enjoyed Cannon Cadets, although lack of a cohesive scoring mechanism made it difficult to measure my progress, and the sound effects -- which consisted mainly of farts and burps -- were annoying.

XMG listened to feedback from the many people who purchased the game, and it's now out with even more special features, cool sounds, and an updated soundtrack. The updated version is universal, so you can now kill robots on your iPad as well. If you have an iPhone 4, you'll be thrilled to see that Retina Display support is included. A scoring mechanism has been built into Cannon Cadets, but even better, you can now build your own levels and share them with other players.

XMG Studio reported that in less than a week, over 500 user-generated levels have been developed. All are available for gameplay from within Cannon Cadets, and we're happy to say that Brandon at XMG created a difficult level for TUAW (see screenshot above). If you have Cannon Cadets, go to "Download User Made Levels", search for tuaw by brandonmat, download it, and enjoy. It should keep you busy over the weekend!

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