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The Daily Grind: Do you like debuffers?

Eliot Lefebvre

Controllers and dominators in City of Heroes, mesmers and necromancers in Guild Wars, affliction warlocks in World of Warcraft -- the debuffing class has long been a staple of MMOs. While the class frequently is closest to being a damage dealer, its primary function is to cripple enemies. Played properly, the resultant effects can turn a normal challenge into a cakewalk, or knock a seemingly invincible enemy back down to normal levels.

Of course, as time has gone by the archetype has become a bit less common, with the holy trinity of tanks, healers, and DPS becoming more focused and less open to more esoteric inclusions. But it hasn't gone away -- science ships in Star Trek Online make heavy use of debuffs to cripple and wear down opponents. Do you like having debuffs and debuff classes as a central element of party gameplay? Or would you rather designers continue to emphasize the holy trinity and have classes focused on doing damage while debuffing targets?
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