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The guy with the half-million Gamerscore


The only slightly avid gamer Stallion83 (we can only assume Stallion1 through 82 died due to severe thumb inflammation) is half-way to his goal of achieving one million Gamerscore on Xbox 360, having hit the 500,000 mark in Achievement points on Friday. The (long) journey to the half-million milestone began in "early 2006," according to his blog, and ended by unlocking the "Tournament of Chumps" cheevo in Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures for XBLA. (In the fourth episode, "The Bogey Man," specifically.)

You can see a replay of the moment in the video we've popped in after the break. As for one million Gamerscore, Stallion83 writes that, "It's going to be a long process getting to 1,000,000, but hopefully I can make it there someday." Best of luck, and we'll be sure to post about your descendant, Stallion166, when he makes it!

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