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Next Command and Conquer in production under Visceral label


Next time out, the Command & Conquer franchise will be more Visceral. Although the game, according to EA's Visceral Games label GM Nick Earl, is still "pretty far out," it will be part of the publisher's strategy to expand the Visceral studio as a brand. Earl detailed the multi-studio Visceral branding in a recent interview with Gamasutra, which would explain why the EA Redwood Shores studio that became Visceral has been working on several projects.

The Visceral label is a collaboration of EA in the States, the "art-focused" Shanghai studio, EA Montreal and a team in Melbourne, Australia. Earl said, "We're not outsourcing or insourcing -- we really look at it as collaborative development, where everyone is on equal playing ground." Dead Space 2 will be an indication of the result achieved through this new Visceral process.

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