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Nokia's Digital Radio Headset adds DAB to your phone, puts USB On-The-Go to good use

Chris Ziegler

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In the event Nokia's recently announced Mobile TV Headset for DVB-H networks doesn't do anything for you, have a gander at the new Digital Radio Headset made official this week. What is it? Well, you can think of it like the audio equivalent of the Mobile TV Headset in pretty much every sense of the word: it listens for digital signals only (DAB and DAB+, to be specific), it's only for Europe, and it plugs in to your phone's micro-USB port to make use of USB On-The-Go, a capability first touted on the N8 but also available on the C7, E7, and C6-01. It'll launch with a companion app for your handset that lets you save out artist information and tune in alternative frequencies broadcasting the same programming as your roam around Old Blighty. Look for it to launch in the UK sometime this quarter.

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