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Apple sells 250k Apple TVs in six weeks

Keith M

While Apple TV sales were apparently not published in Apple's quarterly earnings release, during the much-ballyhooed investor conference call yesterday, Steve Jobs noted that as many as 250,000 Apple TVs have been sold since its debut last month.

To put that number into perspective, in the first month of sales of the original Apple TV (January 2007), Apple took orders of around 100,000 units. Also, prime contender Roku has reported sales of about 500,000 of its devices after being on the market for a year-and-change.

Although Apple stands a good chance of taking the lead over Roku in sales at some point, as far as the company is concerned, those numbers still put the Apple TV in the "hobby" category. iPads and iPhones still reign supreme in terms of sales for the company's fourth quarter.

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