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Breakfast Topic: Ambassador Jenkins, Bane of The Fallen King


This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Though just a word or phrase tacked on to your name, titles hold great weight. They announce your accomplishments to the world: You are a gladiator, slayer of kings, and master of the kitchen. They can mark you as a member of an exclusive (sometimes extremely so) club. As you wander around Dalaran, others stare in awe at your insanity, your sheer dedication to your chosen path. For some, titles represent an achieved goal -- you are a seeker, loremaster, explorer, spending days trekking across continents, slaying mighty monsters and harmless critters for assorted organs. Others are incessant partiers, traveling from lunar festivals to winter celebrations always dressed for the season, fireworks in one hand, booze in the other.

Personally, I've always stuck to short titles. There is something about "Ambassador" and "The Seeker" that have always appealed to me. These titles lend a bit of mystery to my toons; am I actually seeking something, or am I just a huge The Who fan? Why is an ambassador standing naked outside of ICC? Am I really that salty?

How do you present yourself to Azeroth? Have you achieved that one goal, earned the only title you ever need? Or are you in constant flux, a new identity every week? What's your favorite title?

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