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Demonflame now available for Champions Online

Eliot Lefebvre

It was promised for this month, and Champions Online players can rejoice that the promise was true. Demonflame, the second adventure pack for the game, has just moved from the test servers to live. Following in the footsteps of the previous adventure pack, Serpent Lantern, the adventure can be undertaken by any size group from level 11 onward, scaling in both difficulty and complexity according to the number and level of participants. Not to mention that it includes new rewards for players of all levels, including new costume parts of an equally violet hue.

In addition to the new adventure, the newest patch also included the pet revision, which might be even more interesting for you depending on your level and power build in the game. While there's no official list of patch notes, our resident columnist did a good job summarizing both the pet changes and the new adventure pack in the weeks leading up to their release. So if you've been holding off on logging in to Champions Online in anticipation of the new patch, now is the time.

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