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Earthrise dev diary highlights West Horizon lore

Jef Reahard

Ready for more sci-fi lore, courtesy of the Earthrise dev team? If so, head over to and check out the latest journal entry for the sci-fi MMORPG. Like the previous two installments, the piece focuses on the history of a particular location in the world of Enterra, and this time around that location is the West Horizon.

The West Horizon is a name given to a section of inhospitable coastline by the region's original settlers. The area was home to various strains of mutant wildlife as well as toxic chemicals washed ashore by ocean currents. Over time, the pioneers terraformed West Horizon and eventually all of the nearby Sal Vitas Valley. The tranquility didn't last long however, as West Horizon soon came to host a Continoma-sponsored compound built to house the human test subjects from a secret government project.

West Horizon also features a mysterious sect alternately referred to as the Alpha Principle and the Sisterhood (due to having exclusively female members). This secretive group reportedly believes that humanity must purge itself of all physical and mental taints, and has achieved a kind of immortality via a scientific process known as Crystomatrix.

Check out the rest of the lore-centric details at, and don't forget our previous Earthrise coverage that you may have missed.

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