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LotRO kicks off Fall Festival

Jef Reahard

'Tis the season for scary jack-o-lanterns, Harvestmath, and hobbits that go bump in the night. Turbine is kicking off its annual Halloween-themed Fall Festival celebration in Lord of the Rings Online, and we've got the new screenshots to prove it.

Whether you're looking for new quests, new deeds, or new loot items, the LotRO team has a little something for your trick-or-treat bag. Check out Lauren "Budgeford" Salk's official dev diary for all the details, including info on how you can explore one of Bilbo Baggins' locked cellars as well as the Haunted Burrow.

Be sure you also have a look at our Harvestmath screenshot gallery below.

Gallery: LotRO Fall Festival 2010 | 6 Photos

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