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MetroPCS turns attention away from unlimited momentarily, launches Walmart-exclusive bucket plans

Chris Ziegler

A quick check of MetroPCS' site reminds us what these guys are all about -- unlimited voice, data, and messaging for less than you'd pay with any of the big guys -- but it looks like they might be exploring a shift in strategy with a handful of new prepaid packages that have launched exclusively through Walmart stores. For $20 you can get 500 minutes and 500MB of data, while moving up to $30 gets you 1,000 minutes and just 100MB of data -- both plans include unlimited messaging -- while a third plan for just $10 nets 200 voice minutes and unlimited incoming texts. Unsurprisingly, the packages aren't available with either MetroPCS' smartphones nor with the Craft, its just-launched LTE handset -- but considering how modern phones of both the smart and not-so-smart variety are emphasizing data and text features over voice, we wouldn't be surprised to see the regionals start to experiment more and more with interesting buckets.

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