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Palm Pre 2 hits FCC in CDMA and North American GSM flavors

Chris Ziegler

So the Pre 2 has been announced for SFR in France and Verizon in the States, along with an unlocked model for developers... but so far, we'd only seen one of the three in the FCC. Well, here are the other two: on the left, the P102EWW, and on the right, the P102UNA. Palm's naming convention is a little strange, so it probably bears explaining again -- the "P102" tells you that it's a Pre 2, while "EWW" indicates CDMA and "UNA" indicates North American GSM / UMTS. From the UNA model's filing, it would seem there isn't any AWS capability on board, so users of T-Mobile are going to have to plod along at 2G speeds if they want to play ball. You know, Murphy's Law and all.

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