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Shocker: Google hoping to lure more cable providers to cool Google TV side of the room


Considering all the recent hullabaloo surrounding Google TV, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Mountain View-based search titan has dreams of growing beyond its current de facto exclusive integration deal with Dish Network. Still, Light Reading reports that "a source whose familiar with those discussions" says Google is pushing the service hard to all cable TV operators. This is further corroborated by an exec with a "top US MSO" who confirmed specifically that talks are underway with Google on how the TV platform could be integrated with cable boxes. While opening up two-way control and surrendering the UI to its perceived over-the-top video-providing enemy could change pay-TV as we know it, the trade-off is Google TV compatibility could give 'em the competitive edge they need. It certainly wouldn't be the first time DVR functionality was touted as a reason to switch. We're definitely down with more options too, but without an acceptable two-way standard, a bit of wheelin' and dealin' by Google could just add more noise to the mess that is the connected TV market. Considering how tru2way failed though and the recent lukewarm FCC CableCARD rule changes, it would seem this is just the reality we live in. But please, Google, feel free to prove us wrong.

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