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Cops serve court papers via Facebook, perp comments: 'doesn't like'


We thought we'd seen this move on Law and Order, but whatever: police in Victoria got court approval to deliver court papers via Facebook when all other attempts to contact the individual -- including snail mail and stopping by the house -- failed to pan out. In addition to sending 'em as a private message, a video was also shot of the order being read "as if the Respondent was being directly spoken to," just in case there were any misunderstandings. This isn't the first time Australian courts have used non-traditional means to notify alleged perps: in 2008 courts first granted a lawyer the right to use Facebook in this manner, and that same year a rugby player named Sonny Bill Williams was subpoenaed via SMS message. In case you hadn't guessed it yet, they were looking for the guy for harassment and cyber-bullying -- on Facebook.

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