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LEGO Universe nabs three awards and steals Germany's heart


Germany, they say, is a place where people know good workmanship. If that's the case, then the folks at Gazillion have a right to be proud today. LEGO Universe picked up three awards in Germany lately, adding to the as-of-yet unreleased MMO's pile of accolades.

At the GIGA-Maus awards ("GIGA-Maus" is terrific fun to say out loud), LEGO Universe was given a place of high honor: Best Online Game and Overall Winner in the Children's Category Age +10. The jury seemed to love the game's family bent: "Online games don't necessarily have the best reputation among parents. However, that might well change after getting acquainted with LEGO Universe as there's not alone tech support but a team of moderators working around the clock as well."

However, LEGO Universe's last award may be the best of them all. The MMO was voted third place in the TOMMI awards, which was decided solely by 3,000 kids who field-tested several up-and-coming titles. Seeing as how this is the target demographic for the title, Gazillion should feel like it hit the mark.

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