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Space Channel 5 Part 2, Sega Bass Fishing coming to XBLA and PSN


Sega's next batch of high-definition Dreamcast ports (following Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure) is a good reminder of the failed console's eclectic and enduring selection of games. The first has reeled in hundreds of scaly creatures who can only stare vacantly at their captor, mouths agape -- the other one is Sega Bass Fishing.

According to Eurogamer, the all-singing, all-dancing Space Channel 5 Part 2 will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in "early 2011," alongside the aforementioned aquatic catch-em-up. Interestingly, Sega has never published Space Channel 5 Part 2 in North America. The Dreamcast version never made it out of Japan, and a PlayStation 2 port -- bundled with the first game as Space Channel 5: Special Edition -- was released in America by Agetec.

Overseen by Rez and Child of Eden designer Tesuya Mizuguchi, Space Channel 5 was unique in melding a goofy story with rote rhythm-based mechanics. Part 2 ditched the first game's pre-rendered video backdrops and added instrument battles, impromptu singing showdowns and expanded on the original's catchy, Austin-Powers-in-space music.

Update: Screens and art added below.

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