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StarCraft 2 Razer peripherals light up November


If your performance in StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty isn't where you'd like it to be, perhaps it's because your controllers aren't glowing enough. Sure, the StarCraft 2-branded Spectre mouse, Marauder keyboard and Banshee headset from Razer (all designed in collaboration with Blizzard) have other features that make them well-suited for games -- like specialized configuration utilities and quick response times -- but those aren't why anyone would buy one of these. Cool backlighting is.

Besides, when the keyboard description lists things like "Optimized Key Travel Distance" as a selling point, "pretty lights" doesn't seem like such a minor thing to latch on to. The set will be released in the US, Europe and Korea in November, with the mouse retailing for $80 (€80/94,800 won), and the keyboard and headset for $120 (€120/142,800 won) each.

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